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Hiring Ideas is one and only staffing agency using technology based hiring process. Understanding the needs of clients and candidates is our initial step, where we extract resumes from multiple portals and from our source then run through our recruitment software so that candidates with required skills sorted as per their experience.

We run campaign with opening position where interested candidates will apply through our recruiting tool and once we done with extraction of candidates from different portals. Our assigned staff will create job (your requirement), and add all the resulted resumes will be attached to job. (Resulted resumes will be exact match with your specifications like Experience and Skills sets)

Resumes will be in potential stage where following functions may occur.

Internal Reject

Submit to client

Set as active

In first step candidate may be rejected by internal agent (our staff) if duplicate found with fake skills and experience

In second step candidate will be submitted to client and you will review the candidate skill and experience also cope up abilities with candidate roles and responsibilities.

Last step where candidate will be set as active if already applied for your position.

Now from your part we have to wait for Approval or Rejection of candidate. If candidate is approved it is in submitted stage. Here comes your actual part Interview Schedule (screening) once the candidate is selected, offer is released to person.

Our team will make negotiation and candidate will be joined. We never compromise with the challenges of the candidates and also requirement of the clients.

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